Commit 711872ed authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #2555473 by stefan.r, cilefen, alexpott, plach: Deprecate...

Issue #2555473 by stefan.r, cilefen, alexpott, plach: Deprecate SafeMarkup::checkPlain() for Drupal 8.0.x
parent e513467c
......@@ -169,6 +169,13 @@ public static function getAll() {
* @ingroup sanitization
* @deprecated Will be removed before Drupal 8.0.0. Rely on Twig's
* auto-escaping feature, or use the @link theme_render #plain_text @endlink
* key when constructing a render array that contains plain text in order to
* use the renderer's auto-escaping feature. If neither of these are
* possible, \Drupal\Component\Utility\Html::escape() can be used in places
* where explicit escaping is needed.
* @see drupal_validate_utf8()
public static function checkPlain($text) {
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