Commit 6f408919 authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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Issue #2083945 by Outi: Dblog.module: Update use of icons.

parent 98de8eeb
......@@ -45,11 +45,20 @@
width: 16px;
.admin-dblog .dblog-warning .icon {
background-image: url(../../../misc/message-16-warning.png);
background-image: url(../../../misc/icons/e29700/warning.svg);
.no-svg .admin-dblog .dblog-warning .icon {
background-image: url(../../../misc/icons/e29700/warning.png);
.admin-dblog .dblog-error .icon,
.admin-dblog .dblog-critical .icon,
.admin-dblog .dblog-alert .icon,
.admin-dblog .dblog-emergency .icon {
background-image: url(../../../misc/message-16-error.png);
background-image: url(../../../misc/icons/ea2800/error.svg);
.no-svg .admin-dblog .dblog-error .icon,
.no-svg .admin-dblog .dblog-critical .icon,
.no-svg .admin-dblog .dblog-alert .icon,
.no-svg .admin-dblog .dblog-emergency .icon {
background-image: url(../../../misc/icons/ea2800/error.png);
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