Commit 6d5b0fff authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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Issue #1811662 by xjm: Remove node frontpage dependency from HttpRequestTest.

parent 688368e5
......@@ -45,11 +45,11 @@ function testDrupalHTTPRequest() {
$this->assertEqual($unable_to_parse->code, -1001, 'Returned with "-1001" error code.');
$this->assertEqual($unable_to_parse->error, 'unable to parse URL', 'Returned with "unable to parse URL" error message.');
// Fetch page.
$result = drupal_http_request(url('node', array('absolute' => TRUE)));
// Fetch the user login page.
$result = drupal_http_request(url('user/login', array('absolute' => TRUE)));
$this->assertEqual($result->code, 200, 'Fetched page successfully.');
$this->assertTitle(t('Welcome to @site-name | @site-name', array('@site-name' => config('')->get('name'))), 'Site title matches.');
$this->assertTitle(t('Log in | @site-name', array('@site-name' => config('')->get('name'))));
// Test that code and status message is returned.
$result = drupal_http_request(url('pagedoesnotexist', array('absolute' => TRUE)));
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