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Issue #2046385 by dawehner, pwolanin: Fixed _menu_navigation_links_rebuild()...

Issue #2046385 by dawehner, pwolanin: Fixed _menu_navigation_links_rebuild() fails when menu_link module is not enabled.
parent 6400bf8b
......@@ -2840,15 +2840,13 @@ function menu_get_router() {
* @todo This function should be removed/refactored.
function _menu_navigation_links_rebuild($menu) {
if (module_exists('menu_link')) {
$menu_link_controller = Drupal::entityManager()
else {
// The Menu link module is not available at install time, so we need to
// hardcode the default storage controller.
$menu_link_controller = new MenuLinkStorageController('menu_link', Drupal::service('database'), Drupal::service('router.route_provider'));
if (!module_exists('menu_link')) {
// The Menu link module may not be available during install, so rebuild
// when possible.
$menu_link_controller = Drupal::entityManager()
// Add normal and suggested items as links.
$router_items = array();
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