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- Patch #649820 by brianV: added missing documentation for MENU_LOCAL_ACTION in hook_menu().

parent 3fbe8b72
......@@ -247,7 +247,11 @@
* information is generated when the path is accessed.
* - MENU_SUGGESTED_ITEM: Modules may "suggest" menu items that the
* administrator may enable.
* - MENU_LOCAL_TASK: Local tasks are rendered as tabs by default.
* - MENU_LOCAL_ACTION: Local actions are menu items that describe actions
* on the parent item such as adding a new user or block, and are
* rendered in the action-links list in your theme.
* - MENU_LOCAL_TASK: Local tasks are menu items that describe different
* displays of data, and are generally rendered as tabs.
* - MENU_DEFAULT_LOCAL_TASK: Every set of local tasks should provide one
* "default" task, which should display the same page as the parent item.
* If the "type" element is omitted, MENU_NORMAL_ITEM is assumed.
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