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Issue #1497132 by alexpott, pcambra, marcingy: follow-up for generalised...

Issue #1497132 by alexpott, pcambra, marcingy: follow-up for generalised function to update variables from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8's configuration management system.
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......@@ -857,8 +857,8 @@ function update_retrieve_dependencies() {
* @param $config_name
* The name of the configuration object to retrieve. The name corresponds to
* an XML configuration file. For @code config(book.admin) @endcode, the
* config object returned will contain the contents of book.admin.xml.
* an XML configuration file. For example, passing "book.admin" will return
* the config object containing the contents of book.admin.xml.
* @param $variable_map
* An array to map new to old configuration naming conventions. Example:
* @code
......@@ -867,7 +867,7 @@ function update_retrieve_dependencies() {
* This would update the value for new_config to the value old_config has in
* the variable table.
function update_variables_to_config($config_name, $variable_map = array()) {
function update_variables_to_config($config_name, array $variable_map = array()) {
$config = config($config_name);
$config_data = array_keys($config->get());
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