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- Some updates/additions.
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Drupal x.x.x, xxxx-xx-xx (to be released)
- clean URLs.
- reorganized the administration pages.
- added support for clean URLs.
- rewrote the RSS/RDF parser:
* it will now use PHP's built-in XML parser to parse news feeds.
- rewrote the administration pages:
* improved the navigational elements and added breadcrumb navigation
* improved the look and feel
* added context-sensitive help
- database backend:
* fixed numereous SQL queries to make Drupal work on PostgreSQL and MSSQL.
* fixed numereous SQL queries to make Drupal ANSI compliant.
* added MSSQL database scheme.
- search module:
* changed the search module to use implicit AND'ing instead of implicit OR'ing.
- node system improvements:
......@@ -12,7 +18,7 @@ Drupal x.x.x, xxxx-xx-xx (to be released)
* improved content submission:
+ improved teasers: teasers are now optional, teaser length can be configured, teaser and body are edited in a single textarea, users will no longer be bother with teasers when the post is too short for a teaser.
+ added the ability to preview both the short and the full version of your posts.
* extended the node api, allows for more advanced uses and cleans up the interaction between modules.
* extended the node API which allows for better integration.
* added default node settings to control the behaviour for promotion, moderation and other options.
- themes:
* replaced theme "Goofy" by "Xtemplate", a template driven theme.
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