Commit 6477317a authored by webchick's avatar webchick

Issue #2072555 by legolasbo: Remove Unused local variable from...

Issue #2072555 by legolasbo: Remove Unused local variable  from /core/modules/file/lib/Drupal/file/Tests/FileFieldValidateTest.php.
parent b560f661
......@@ -36,7 +36,6 @@ function testRequired() {
$test_file = $this->getTestFile('text');
// Try to post a new node without uploading a file.
$langcode = Language::LANGCODE_NOT_SPECIFIED;
$edit = array("title" => $this->randomName());
$this->drupalPost('node/add/' . $type_name, $edit, t('Save and publish'));
$this->assertRaw(t('!title field is required.', array('!title' => $instance['label'])), 'Node save failed when required file field was empty.');
......@@ -98,7 +97,7 @@ function testFileMaxSize() {
$this->assertFileEntryExists($node_file, format_string('File entry exists after uploading a file (%filesize) under the max limit (%maxsize).', array('%filesize' => format_size($small_file->getSize()), '%maxsize' => $max_filesize)));
// Check that uploading the large file fails (1M limit).
$nid = $this->uploadNodeFile($large_file, $field_name, $type_name);
$this->uploadNodeFile($large_file, $field_name, $type_name);
$error_message = t('The file is %filesize exceeding the maximum file size of %maxsize.', array('%filesize' => format_size($large_file->getSize()), '%maxsize' => format_size($file_limit)));
$this->assertRaw($error_message, format_string('Node save failed when file (%filesize) exceeded the max upload size (%maxsize).', array('%filesize' => format_size($large_file->getSize()), '%maxsize' => $max_filesize)));
......@@ -139,7 +138,7 @@ function testFileExtension() {
$this->updateFileField($field_name, $type_name, array('file_extensions' => 'txt'));
// Check that the file with the wrong extension cannot be uploaded.
$nid = $this->uploadNodeFile($test_file, $field_name, $type_name);
$this->uploadNodeFile($test_file, $field_name, $type_name);
$error_message = t('Only files with the following extensions are allowed: %files-allowed.', array('%files-allowed' => 'txt'));
$this->assertRaw($error_message, 'Node save failed when file uploaded with the wrong extension.');
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