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Issue #2939802 by Wim Leers, cburschka: Follow-up for #2824851:...

Issue #2939802 by Wim Leers, cburschka: Follow-up for #2824851: EntityResourceTestBase::getModifiedEntityForPatchTesting() handles @FieldType=path incorrectly
parent 096ecb49
......@@ -1401,9 +1401,7 @@ protected static function getModifiedEntityForPatchTesting(EntityInterface $enti
// PathItem::generateSampleValue() doesn't set a PID, which causes
// PathItem::postSave() to fail. Keep the PID (and other properties),
// just modify the alias.
$value = $field->getValue();
$value['alias'] = str_replace(' ', '-', strtolower((new Random())->sentences(3)));
$field->alias = str_replace(' ', '-', strtolower((new Random())->sentences(3)));
$original_field = clone $field;
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