Commit 5ee195f5 authored by damiankloip's avatar damiankloip Committed by tim.plunkett
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Add a test to check creation and saving of a new display

parent 10db2c17
......@@ -172,6 +172,19 @@ function testConfigurableCRUD() {
$this->assertEqual($created_loaded->display['default']->display_plugin, 'default', 'Make sure the right display plugin is set.');
$this->assertEqual($values, $values_loaded, 'The loaded config is the same as the original loaded one.');
// Check whether a display can be added and saved to a View.
$created = $controller->create($values);
$created->new_display('page', 'Test', 'test');
$new_display = $created->display['test'];
$this->assertTrue($new_display instanceof ViewDisplay, 'New page display "test" created.');
$created->set('name', 'archive_new_display');
$values = config('views.view.archive_new_display')->get();
$this->assertTrue(isset($values['display']['test']) && is_array($values['display']['test']), 'New display was saved.');
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