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Issue #2538956 by HeyLodyM, Wim Leers: Document that...

Issue #2538956 by HeyLodyM, Wim Leers: Document that MemoryBackend::prepareItem()/::set() uses unserialize()/serialize() to break references
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......@@ -10,6 +10,11 @@
* Should be used for unit tests and specialist use-cases only, does not
* store cached items between requests.
* The functions ::prepareItem()/::set() use unserialize()/serialize(). It
* behaves as an external cache backend to avoid changing the cached data by
* reference. In ::prepareItem(), the object is not modified by the call to
* unserialize() because we make a clone of it.
* @ingroup cache
class MemoryBackend implements CacheBackendInterface, CacheTagsInvalidatorInterface {
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