Commit 5e768561 authored by catch's avatar catch
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Issue #1484704 by joelpittet, Eric_A, wiifm, elvis2: Remove instances of attributes_array().

parent f1f329b1
......@@ -891,7 +891,7 @@ function drupal_find_base_themes($themes, $key, $used_keys = array()) {
* created in this function are derived from ones created by
* template_preprocess(), but potentially altered by the other preprocess
* functions listed above. For example, any preprocess function can add to or
* modify the $variables['attributes_array'] variable, and after all of them
* modify the $variables['attributes'] variable, and after all of them
* have finished executing, template_process() flattens it into a
* $variables['attributes'] string for convenient use by templates.
* - template_process_HOOK(&$variables): Should be implemented by the module
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ function testBlockThemeHookSuggestions() {
$variables['content_attributes']['class'][] = 'test-class';
$this->assertEqual($variables['theme_hook_suggestions'], array('block__system', 'block__system_menu_block', 'block__system_menu_block__menu_admin', 'block__machinename'));
$this->assertEqual($variables['content_attributes']['class'], array('test-class', 'content'), 'Default .content class added to block content_attributes_array');
$this->assertEqual($variables['content_attributes']['class'], array('test-class', 'content'), 'Default .content class added to block content_attributes');
......@@ -48,8 +48,7 @@ function testDrupalAttributes() {
// Verify empty attributes array is rendered.
$this->assertIdentical((string) new Attribute(array()), '', 'Empty attributes array.');
$attributes_array = array('key1' => 'value1');
$attribute = new Attribute($attributes_array);
$attribute = new Attribute(array('key1' => 'value1'));
foreach($attribute as $value) {
$this->assertIdentical((string) $value, 'value1', 'Iterate over attribute.');
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