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#177497 by chx: revive Drupal 5's menu_set_location() functionality by...

#177497 by chx: revive Drupal 5's menu_set_location() functionality by introducing menu_set_item() (for consistency in function naming), thus fixing a regression in the current development code
parent c1445ac3
......@@ -267,17 +267,46 @@ function menu_unserialize($data, $map) {
* Get the menu callback for the a path.
* Replaces the statically cached item for a given path.
* @param $path
* A path, or NULL for the current path
* The path.
* @param $router_item
* The router item. Usually you take a router entry from menu_get_item and
* set it back either modified or to a different path. This lets you modify the
* navigation block, the page title, the breadcrumb and the page help in one
* call.
function menu_get_item($path = NULL) {
function menu_set_item($path, $router_item) {
menu_get_item($path, $router_item);
* Get a router item.
* @param $path
* The path, for example node/5. The function will find the corresponding
* node/% item and return that.
* @param $router_item
* Internal use only.
* @return
* The router item, an associate array corresponding to one row in the
* menu_router table. The value of key map holds the loaded objects. The
* value of key access is TRUE if the current user can access this page.
* The values for key title, page_arguments, access_arguments will be
* filled in based on the database values and the objects loaded.
function menu_get_item($path = NULL, $router_item = NULL) {
static $router_items;
if (!isset($path)) {
$path = $_GET['q'];
if (isset($router_item)) {
$router_items[$path] = $router_item;
if (!isset($router_items[$path])) {
$original_map = arg(NULL, $path);
$parts = array_slice($original_map, 0, MENU_MAX_PARTS);
......@@ -1385,9 +1414,6 @@ function menu_get_active_trail() {
return menu_set_active_trail();
function menu_set_location() {
* Get the breadcrumb for the current page, as determined by the active trail.
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