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Issue #3248816 by bsuttis, danflanagan8, quietone:...

Issue #3248816 by bsuttis, danflanagan8, quietone: ResponsiveImageFieldUiTest.php should be moved to tests directory

(cherry picked from commit 3795c75c)
parent 72459cd0
namespace Drupal\responsive_image\Tests;
namespace Drupal\Tests\responsive_image\FunctionalJavascript;
use Drupal\FunctionalJavascriptTests\WebDriverTestBase;
use Drupal\responsive_image\Entity\ResponsiveImageStyle;
......@@ -12,6 +12,11 @@
class ResponsiveImageFieldUiTest extends WebDriverTestBase {
* {@inheritdoc}
protected $defaultTheme = 'stark';
* Modules to install.
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