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Issue #2578989 by ifrik, alvar0hurtad0, jhodgdon, Bojhan, snehi, mairi,...

Issue #2578989 by ifrik, alvar0hurtad0, jhodgdon, Bojhan, snehi, mairi, rachel_norfolk: Update link descriptions on the Configuration page that are not correct for D8
parent 03e60ebc
title: 'Feed aggregator'
description: 'Configure which content your site aggregates from other sites, how often it polls them, and how they''re categorized.'
description: 'Add feeds or import OPMLs to gather external content and configure how often they are updated.'
route_name: aggregator.admin_overview
parent: system.admin_config_services
weight: 10
title: Languages
description: 'Configure languages for content and the user interface.'
description: 'Configure languages for content, interface, and configuration.'
route_name: entity.configurable_language.collection
parent: system.admin_config_regional
title: 'URL aliases'
description: 'Change your site''s URL paths by aliasing them.'
description: 'Add custom URLs to existing paths.'
route_name: path.admin_overview
parent: system.admin_config_search
weight: -5
title: Testing
description: 'Run tests against Drupal core and your modules. These tests help assure that your site code is working as designed.'
description: 'Run tests against the site''s core code and enabled modules to review your code.'
route_name: simpletest.test_form
parent: system.admin_config_development
weight: -5
......@@ -24,6 +24,6 @@ user.admin_index:
title: 'Account settings'
parent: user.admin_index
description: 'Configure default behavior of users, including registration requirements, emails, and fields.'
description: 'Configure default user account settings, including fields, registration requirements, and email messages.'
weight: -10
route_name: entity.user.admin_form
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