Commit 5c214594 authored by Gábor Hojtsy's avatar Gábor Hojtsy

Issue #2902190 by chenderson: Docblock on...

Issue #2902190 by chenderson: Docblock on FileUsageTemporaryDeletionConfigurationUpdateTest::testUpdateHookN() is incorrect
parent deac2594
......@@ -28,7 +28,9 @@ protected function setDatabaseDumpFiles() {
* Tests that block context mapping is updated properly.
* Tests that make_unused_managed_files_temporary conditions are correct.
* Verify that the before and after conditions for the variable are correct.
public function testUpdateHookN() {
$this->assertIdentical($this->config('file.settings')->get('make_unused_managed_files_temporary'), NULL);
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