Commit 5c18e689 authored by dawehner's avatar dawehner Committed by tim.plunkett

Remove unneeded CTools plugin info file.

parent 5ea8bb2b
* @file
* Plugin definition for CTools Export UI integration.
$plugin = array(
'schema' => 'views_view',
'access' => 'administer views',
'menu' => array(
'menu item' => 'views',
'menu title' => 'Views',
'menu description' => 'Manage customized lists of content.',
'title singular' => t('view'),
'title singular proper' => t('View'),
'title plural' => t('views'),
'title plural proper' => t('Views'),
'handler' => 'views_ui',
'strings' => array(
'confirmation' => array(
'revert' => array(
'information' => t('This action will permanently remove any customizations made to this view.'),
'success' => t('The view has been reverted.'),
'delete' => array(
'information' => t('This action will permanently remove the view from your database.'),
'success' => t('The view has been deleted.'),
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