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Issue #2612876 by leolandotan, NickDickinsonWilde, victoria-marina,...

Issue #2612876 by leolandotan, NickDickinsonWilde, victoria-marina, gaurav.kapoor, anagomes, xjm: Fix \Drupal\Core\Asset\CssOptimizer::processFile() docblock

(cherry picked from commit 31e08766)
parent 5109a932
......@@ -71,7 +71,16 @@ public function clean($contents) {
* Build aggregate CSS file.
* Processes CSS file and adds base URLs to any relative resource paths.
* @param array $css_asset
* A CSS asset. The array should contain the `data` key where the value
* should be the path to the CSS file relative to the Drupal root. This is
* an example of the `data` key's value,
* "core/assets/vendor/normalize-css/normalize.css".
* @return string
* The asset's cleaned/optimized contents.
protected function processFile($css_asset) {
$contents = $this->loadFile($css_asset['data'], TRUE);
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