Commit 5acb423c authored by Dries Buytaert's avatar Dries Buytaert
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- Patch #16798 by profix898: flush the page cache when someone changes his user profile.

parent 45363904
......@@ -1471,8 +1471,13 @@ function user_edit_submit($form_id, $form_values) {
unset($form_values['_account'], $form_values['op'], $form_values['submit'], $form_values['delete'], $form_values['form_token'], $form_values['form_id'], $form_values['_category']);
user_module_invoke('submit', $form_values, $account, $category);
user_save($account, $form_values, $category);
// Delete that user's menu cache.
// Delete that user's menu cache:
cache_clear_all($account->uid .':', 'cache_menu', TRUE);
// Clear the page cache because pages can contain usernames and/or profile information:
drupal_set_message(t('The changes have been saved.'));
return 'user/'. $account->uid;
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