Commit 5984ea46 authored by natrak's avatar natrak
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more fixes

parent 8b328b3e
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ function showLogin($userid = "") {
print("<TR><TH>User ID:</TH><TD><INPUT NAME=userid VALUE=\"$userid\"></TD></TR>\n");
print("<TR><TH>Password:</TH><TD><INPUT NAME=passwd TYPE=password></TD></TR>\n");
print("<TR><TD ALIGN=center><INPUT NAME=act TYPE=submit VALUE=\"Login\"></TD></TR>\n");
print("<TR><TD ALIGN=center><A HREF=\"account.php\">Register</A> as new user.</A></TD></TR>\n");
print("<TR><TD ALIGN=center><A HREF=\"account.php&act=new\">Register</A> as new user.</A></TD></TR>\n");
print("<TR><TD COLSPAN=2>$user->ublock</TD></TR>\n");
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