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* @defgroup extending Extending and altering Drupal
* @{
* Overview of add-ons and alteration methods for Drupal.
* Overview of extensions and alteration methods for Drupal.
* @section sec_types Types of extensions
* Drupal's core behavior can be extended and altered via these three basic
* types of add-ons:
* types of extensions:
* - Themes: Themes alter the appearance of Drupal sites. They can include
* template files, which alter the HTML markup and other raw output of the
* site; CSS files, which alter the styling applied to the HTML; and
......@@ -1005,8 +1006,9 @@
* - Installation profiles: Installation profiles can be used to
* create distributions, which are complete specific-purpose packages of
* Drupal including additional modules, themes, and data. For more
* information, see
* information, see
* @section sec_alter Alteration methods for modules
* Here is a list of the ways that modules can alter or extend Drupal's core
* behavior, or the behavior of other modules:
* - Hooks: Specially-named functions that a module defines, which are
......@@ -1025,6 +1027,13 @@
* - Routing: Providing or altering "routes", which are URLs that Drupal
* responds to, or altering routing behavior with event listener classes.
* See the @link menu Routing and menu topic @endlink for more information.
* @section sec_sample *.info.yml files
* Extensions must each be located in a directory whose name matches the short
* name (or machine name) of the extension, and this directory must contain a
* file named (where machine_name is the machine name of
* the extension). See \Drupal\Core\Extension\InfoParserInterface::parse() for
* documentation of the format of .info.yml files.
* @}
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