Commit 57fab3b0 authored by Crell's avatar Crell
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Remove last vestiges of ['q'] from the kernel branch.

parent 29ec5c92
......@@ -24,9 +24,6 @@ class PathSubscriber implements EventSubscriberInterface {
* @todo The path system should be objectified to remove the function calls
* in this method.
* @todo We're writing back to $_GET['q'] for temporary BC. All instances of
* $_GET['q'] should be removed and then this code eliminated.
* @param GetResponseEvent $event
* The Event to process.
......@@ -294,7 +294,7 @@ protected function getLastCaller($backtrace) {
* The Event to process.
public function on404Html(FlattenException $exception, Request $request) {
watchdog('page not found', check_plain($_GET['q']), NULL, WATCHDOG_WARNING);
watchdog('page not found', check_plain($request->attributes->get('system_path')), NULL, WATCHDOG_WARNING);
// Check for and return a fast 404 page if configured.
// @todo Inline this rather than using a function.
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