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Issue #2052219 by nod_: Missing .once() names in views JS.

parent d751f1d6
......@@ -63,14 +63,14 @@ Drupal.views.ajaxView = function(settings) {
// Add the ajax to exposed forms.
this.$exposed_form = $('form#views-exposed-form-'+ settings.view_name.replace(/_/g, '-') + '-' + settings.view_display_id.replace(/_/g, '-'));
this.$exposed_form.once(jQuery.proxy(this.attachExposedFormAjax, this));
this.$exposed_form.once('exposed-form', jQuery.proxy(this.attachExposedFormAjax, this));
// Add the ajax to pagers.
// Don't attach to nested views. Doing so would attach multiple behaviors
// to a given element.
.filter(jQuery.proxy(this.filterNestedViews, this))
.once(jQuery.proxy(this.attachPagerAjax, this));
.once('ajax-pager', jQuery.proxy(this.attachPagerAjax, this));
// Add a trigger to update this view specifically. In order to trigger a
// refresh use the following code.
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