Unverified Commit 56631e58 authored by larowlan's avatar larowlan
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Issue #2847651 by murrow, rachel_norfolk, mpdonadio, john@johncook.me.uk,...

Issue #2847651 by murrow, rachel_norfolk, mpdonadio, john@johncook.me.uk, BarisW, droplet, tstoeckler, andrewmacpherson, prabhu9484, ok_lyndsey, benjifisher, yoroy, lauriii, martin107: Improve timezones selector with optgroups
parent 72fadaeb
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ public function testSystemTimeZones() {
$ungrouped_count = count(system_time_zones());
$grouped_result = system_time_zones(NULL, TRUE);
$grouped_count = 0;
array_walk_recursive($grouped_result, function ($grouped_count) use
array_walk_recursive($grouped_result, function () use
(&$grouped_count) {
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