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Issue #3046571 by Krzysztof Domański:...

Issue #3046571 by Krzysztof Domański: \Drupal\Tests\user\Kernel\Views\HandlerFilterCurrentUserTest:: testFilterCurrentUserAsAnonymous() can randomly fail

(cherry picked from commit 46b4700a)
parent 8f9140a0
......@@ -103,7 +103,21 @@ display:
group_items: { }
entity_type: user
plugin_id: user_current
sorts: { }
id: uid
table: users_field_data
field: uid
relationship: none
group_type: group
admin_label: ''
order: ASC
exposed: false
label: ''
entity_type: user
entity_field: uid
plugin_id: standard
header: { }
footer: { }
empty: { }
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