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Issue #2298319 by Berdir | ivanjaros: Fixed views.display.block.allow should...

Issue #2298319 by Berdir | ivanjaros: Fixed views.display.block.allow should be a sequence not a boolean.
parent b560f348
...@@ -11,12 +11,13 @@ views.display.block: ...@@ -11,12 +11,13 @@ views.display.block:
block_category: block_category:
type: text type: text
label: 'Block category' label: 'Block category'
type: integer
label: 'Block caching'
block_hide_empty: block_hide_empty:
type: boolean type: boolean
label: 'Hide block if no result/empty text' label: 'Hide block if no result/empty text'
allow: allow:
type: boolean type: mapping
label: 'Allow' label: 'Allow'
type: boolean
label: 'Items per page'
base_field: cid langcode: en
status: true
- comment
id: comments_recent
label: 'Recent comments'
module: views
description: 'Recent comments.'
tag: default
base_table: comment base_table: comment
base_field: cid
core: 8.x core: 8.x
description: 'Recent comments.'
status: true
display: display:
default: default:
display_plugin: default display_plugin: default
...@@ -220,6 +228,8 @@ display: ...@@ -220,6 +228,8 @@ display:
content: 'No comments available.' content: 'No comments available.'
tokenize: false tokenize: false
plugin_id: text_custom plugin_id: text_custom
field_langcode: '***CURRENT_LANGUAGE***'
field_langcode_add_to_query: null
block_1: block_1:
display_plugin: block display_plugin: block
id: block_1 id: block_1
...@@ -228,11 +238,7 @@ display: ...@@ -228,11 +238,7 @@ display:
display_options: display_options:
block_description: 'Recent comments' block_description: 'Recent comments'
block_category: 'Lists (Views)' block_category: 'Lists (Views)'
label: 'Recent comments' field_langcode: '***CURRENT_LANGUAGE***'
module: views field_langcode_add_to_query: null
id: comments_recent allow:
tag: default items_per_page: true
langcode: en
- comment
...@@ -262,6 +262,12 @@ views_display: ...@@ -262,6 +262,12 @@ views_display:
hide_attachment_summary: hide_attachment_summary:
type: boolean type: boolean
label: 'Hide attachments in summary' label: 'Hide attachments in summary'
type: string
label: 'Field langcode'
type: string
label: 'Add the field language to the query'
views_sort: views_sort:
type: views_handler type: views_handler
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