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Issue #2820416 by arunkumark, tameeshb, jungle, ZeiP, Dinesh18, gianani,...

Issue #2820416 by arunkumark, tameeshb, jungle, ZeiP, Dinesh18, gianani, pk188, joachim, xjm: inaccurate description for EntityTypeManager::getHandler()
parent 649ee1b0
......@@ -93,7 +93,14 @@ public function getRouteProviders($entity_type);
public function hasHandler($entity_type, $handler_type);
* Creates a new handler instance for a entity type and handler type.
* Returns a handler instance for the given entity type and handler.
* Entity handlers are instantiated once per entity type and then cached
* in the entity type manager, and so subsequent calls to getHandler() for
* a particular entity type and handler type will return the same object.
* This means that properties on a handler may be used as a static cache,
* although as the handler is common to all entities of the same type,
* any data that is per-entity should be keyed by the entity ID.
* @param string $entity_type
* The entity type for this handler.
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