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Issue #2261391 by pwolanin, Crell: Fix up throws and other docs for FactoryInterface

parent 6c410da2
* @file
* Definition of Drupal\Component\Plugin\Factory\FactoryInterface.
* Contains \Drupal\Component\Plugin\Factory\FactoryInterface.
namespace Drupal\Component\Plugin\Factory;
......@@ -12,15 +12,18 @@
interface FactoryInterface {
* Returns a preconfigured instance of a plugin.
* Returns a pre-configured instance of a plugin.
* @param string $plugin_id
* The id of the plugin being instantiated.
* The ID of the plugin being instantiated.
* @param array $configuration
* An array of configuration relevant to the plugin instance.
* @return object
* A fully configured plugin instance.
* @throws \Drupal\Component\Plugin\Exception\PluginException
* If the instance cannot be created, such as if the ID is invalid.
public function createInstance($plugin_id, array $configuration = array());
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