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Issue #1901390 by chx, sun: Enable StaticReflectionParser performance...

Issue #1901390 by chx, sun: Enable StaticReflectionParser performance optimization to speed up Annotation parsing.
parent 0ff5e6d2
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ public function getDefinitions() {
// file. However, StaticReflectionParser needs a finder, so use a
// mock version.
$finder = MockFileFinder::create($fileinfo->getPathName());
$parser = new StaticReflectionParser($class, $finder);
$parser = new StaticReflectionParser($class, $finder, TRUE);
if ($annotation = $reader->getClassAnnotation($parser->getReflectionClass(), $this->pluginDefinitionAnnotationName)) {
// AnnotationInterface::get() returns the array definition
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