Commit 47949ad1 authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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#325895 by chx: Fix queryTemporary, which was missing a required argument.

parent 63e8d1e3
......@@ -631,11 +631,14 @@ abstract public function queryRange($query, Array $args, $from, $count, Array $o
* @param $tablename
* The name of the temporary table to select into. This name will not be
* prefixed as there is no risk of collision.
* @param $options
* An associative array of options to control how the query is run. See
* the documentation for DatabaseConnection::defaultOptions() for details.
* @return
* A database query result resource, or FALSE if the query was not executed
* correctly.
abstract function queryTemporary($query, Array $args, $tablename);
abstract function queryTemporary($query, Array $args, $tablename, $options = array());
* Returns the type of database driver.
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ public function queryRange($query, Array $args, $from, $count, Array $options) {
return $this->query($query . ' LIMIT ' . $from . ', ' . $count, $args, $options);
public function queryTemporary($query, Array $args, $tablename) {
public function queryTemporary($query, Array $args, $tablename, $options = array()) {
$query = preg_replace('/^SELECT/i', 'CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE ' . $tablename . ' Engine=HEAP SELECT', $this->prefixTables($query));
return $this->query($query, $args, $options);
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