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Issue #3211605 by nod_, mherchel: Update Popper.js to version 2.9.2

(cherry picked from commit 7a0988fc)
parent a29caf2e
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......@@ -752,10 +752,10 @@ picturefill:
assets/vendor/picturefill/picturefill.min.js: { weight: -10, minified: true }
version: "2.5.4"
version: "2.9.2"
name: MIT
url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/popperjs/popper-core/v2.5.4/LICENSE.md
url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/popperjs/popper-core/v2.9.2/LICENSE.md
gpl-compatible: true
assets/vendor/popperjs/popper.min.js: { minified: true }
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