Commit 417e2fc2 authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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- Patch #399248 by deekayen: detect when a signature is too long to prevent SQL errors.

parent 847304a2
......@@ -961,6 +961,15 @@ function user_user_validate(&$edit, &$account, $category = NULL) {
form_set_error('mail', t('The e-mail address %email is already registered. <a href="@password">Have you forgotten your password?</a>', array('%email' => $edit['mail'], '@password' => url('user/password'))));
// Make sure the signature isn't longer than the size of the database field.
// Signatures are disabled by default, so make sure it exists first.
if (isset($edit['signature'])) {
$user_schema = drupal_get_schema('users');
if (strlen($edit['signature']) > $user_schema['fields']['signature']['length']) {
form_set_error('signature', t('The signature is too long: it must be %max characters or less.', array('%max' => $user_schema['fields']['signature']['length'])));
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