Commit 4047cb0e authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #3018774 by xjm: hook_post_update_NAME() docs do not explain batching/ parameter

(cherry picked from commit a9472244bf827f1e6549e9edb6997bd508d4bd16)
parent 897f0e46
......@@ -684,6 +684,20 @@ function hook_update_N(&$sandbox) {
* Drupal also ensures to not execute the same hook_post_update_NAME() function
* twice.
* @section sec_bulk Batch updates
* If running your update all at once could possibly cause PHP to time out, use
* the $sandbox parameter to indicate that the Batch API should be used for your
* update. In this case, your update function acts as an implementation of
* callback_batch_operation(), and $sandbox acts as the batch context
* parameter. In your function, read the state information from the previous
* run from $sandbox (or initialize), run a chunk of updates, save the state in
* $sandbox, and set $sandbox['#finished'] to a value between 0 and 1 to
* indicate the percent completed, or 1 if it is finished (you need to do this
* explicitly in each pass).
* See the @link batch Batch operations topic @endlink for more information on
* how to use the Batch API.
* @param array $sandbox
* Stores information for batch updates. See above for more information.
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