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Issue #2401519 by davidwbarratt, derhasi: [policy] Decide on Composer Package Names

parent 880007d5
"name": "drupal/plugin",
"name": "drupal/core-plugin",
"description": "Base building block for a scalable and extensible plug-in system for PHP components and application framework extensions.",
"keywords": ["drupal", "plugin", "plugins"],
"homepage": "",
"name": "drupal/proxy-builder",
"name": "drupal/core-proxy-builder",
"description": "Provides a lightweight mechanism to provide lazy loaded proxies.",
"keywords": ["drupal", "proxy"],
"homepage": "",
"name": "drupal/utility",
"name": "drupal/core-utility",
"description": "Mostly static utility classes for string, xss, array, image, and other commonly needed manipulations.",
"keywords": ["drupal"],
"homepage": "",
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