Commit 3d856f30 authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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Issue #2231485 by foxtrotcharlie | tstoeckler: Wrong type-hint for \Drupal::entityQueryAggregate.

parent 1c4efd63
......@@ -379,7 +379,7 @@ public static function entityQuery($entity_type, $conjunction = 'AND') {
* AND if all conditions in the query need to apply, OR if any of them is
* enough. Optional, defaults to AND.
* @return \Drupal\Core\Entity\Query\QueryInterface
* @return \Drupal\Core\Entity\Query\QueryAggregateInterface
* The query object that can query the given entity type.
public static function entityQueryAggregate($entity_type, $conjunction = 'AND') {
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