Commit 3b5035ae authored by Angie Byron's avatar Angie Byron
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#314283 by jhedstrom: Adding tests for disabled checkboxes.

parent a81858f5
......@@ -72,3 +72,41 @@ class FormsTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
* Test form type functions for expected behavior.
class FormsTestTypeCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
function getInfo() {
return array(
'name' => t('Form type-specific tests'),
'description' => t('Test form type functions for expected behavior.'),
'group' => t('Form API'),
* Test form_type_checkbox_value() function for expected behavior.
function testFormCheckboxValue() {
$form['#return_value'] = $return_value = $this->randomName();
$form['#default_value'] = $default_value = $this->randomName();
// Element is disabled , and $edit is not empty.
$form['#disabled'] = TRUE;
$edit = array(1);
$this->assertEqual(form_type_checkbox_value($form, $edit), $default_value, t('form_type_checkbox_value() returns the default value when #disabled is set.'));
// Element is not disabled, $edit is not empty.
$this->assertEqual(form_type_checkbox_value($form, $edit), $return_value, t('form_type_checkbox_value() returns the return value when #disabled is not set.'));
// Element is not disabled, $edit is empty.
$edit = array();
$this->assertIdentical(form_type_checkbox_value($form, $edit), 0, t('form_type_checkbox_value() returns 0 when #disabled is not set, and $edit is empty.'));
// $edit is FALSE.
$edit = FALSE;
$this->assertNull(form_type_checkbox_value($form, $edit), t('form_type_checkbox_value() returns NULL when $edit is FALSE'));
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