Commit 39f26516 authored by webchick's avatar webchick

#336475 by j.somers: Make sticky tableheaders optional.

parent 3564fb04
......@@ -1327,13 +1327,15 @@ function theme_submenu($links) {
* These optional tags are used to group and set properties on columns
* within a table. For example, one may easily group three columns and
* apply same background style to all.
* @param $sticky
* Use a "sticky" table header.
* @return
* An HTML string representing the table.
function theme_table($header, $rows, $attributes = array(), $caption = NULL, $colgroups = array()) {
function theme_table($header, $rows, $attributes = array(), $caption = NULL, $colgroups = array(), $sticky = TRUE) {
// Add sticky headers, if applicable.
if (count($header)) {
if (count($header) && $sticky) {
// Add 'sticky-enabled' class to the table to identify it for JS.
// This is needed to target tables constructed by this function.
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