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Issue #3088476 by phenaproxima, Wim Leers: Document Media Library's API and architecture

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* @file
* Documentation related to Media Library.
* @defgroup media_library_architecture Media Library Architecture
* @{
* Media Library is a UI for the core Media module. It provides a visual
* interface for users to manage media in their site, and it allows authors to
* visually select media for use in entity reference and text fields, using a
* modal dialog.
* In order to provide a consistent user experience, Media Library is
* intentionally opinionated, with few extension points and no hooks. Most of
* its code is internal and should not be extended or instantiated by external
* code.
* @section openers Openers
* Interaction with the modal media library dialog is mediated by "opener"
* services. All openers must implement
* \Drupal\media_library\MediaLibraryOpenerInterface.
* Openers are responsible for determining access to the media library, and for
* generating an AJAX response when the user has finished selecting media items
* in the library. An opener is a "bridge" between the opinionated media library
* modal dialog and whatever is consuming it, allowing the dialog to be
* triggered in a way that makes sense for that particular consumer. Examples in
* Drupal core include entity reference fields and text editors.
* @see \Drupal\media_library\MediaLibraryOpenerInterface
* @see \Drupal\media_library\MediaLibraryEditorOpener
* @see \Drupal\media_library\MediaLibraryFieldWidgetOpener
* @section state Modal dialog state
* When the media library modal is used, its configuration and state (such as
* how many items are currently selected, the maximum number that can be
* selected, which media types the user is allowed to see, and so forth) are
* stored in an instance of \Drupal\media_library\MediaLibraryState. The state
* object also stores the service ID of the opener being used, as well as any
* additional parameters or data that are specific to that opener.
* The media library state is passed between the user and the server in the
* URL's query parameters. Therefore, the state is also protected by a hash in
* order to prevent tampering.
* @see \Drupal\media_library\MediaLibraryState
* @section add_form Adding media in the dialog
* Users with appropriate permissions can add media to the library from directly
* within the modal dialog.
* This interaction is implemented using forms, and is customizable by modules.
* Since the media library is segmented by media type, each media type can
* expose a different form for adding media of that type; the type's source
* plugin specifies the actual form class to use. Here is an example of a media
* source plugin definition which provides an add form for the media library:
* @code
* @MediaSource(
* id = "file",
* label = @Translation("File"),
* description = @Translation("Use local files for reusable media."),
* allowed_field_types = {"file"},
* default_thumbnail_filename = "generic.png",
* forms = {
* "media_library_add" = "\Drupal\media_library\Form\FileUploadForm",
* },
* )
* @endcode
* This can also be done in hook_media_source_info_alter(). For example:
* @code
* function example_media_source_info_alter(array &$sources) {
* $sources['file']['forms']['media_library_add'] = "\Drupal\media_library\Form\FileUploadForm";
* }
* @endcode
* The add form is a standard form class, and can be altered by modules and
* themes just like any other form. For easier implementation, it is recommended
* that modules extend \Drupal\media_library\Form\AddFormBase when providing add
* forms.
* @see \Drupal\media_library\Form\AddFormBase
* @see \Drupal\media_library\Form\FileUploadForm
* @see \Drupal\media_library\Form\OEmbedForm
* @}
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