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Issue #2241549 by neclimdul: Remove registerContainerConfiguration() cruft from DrupalKernel.

parent 2aacece9
......@@ -617,19 +617,6 @@ protected function getHttpKernel() {
return $this->container->get('http_kernel');
* Overrides and eliminates this method from the parent class. Do not use.
* This method is part of the KernelInterface interface, but takes an object
* implementing LoaderInterface as its only parameter. This is part of the
* Config compoment from Symfony, which is not provided by Drupal core.
* Modules wishing to provide an extension to this class which uses this
* method are responsible for ensuring the Config component exists.
public function registerContainerConfiguration(LoaderInterface $loader) {
* Gets the PHP code storage object to use for the compiled container.
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