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Issue #2317821 by Wim Leers, nod_ | wwalc: Do not show a dialog about changing...

Issue #2317821 by Wim Leers, nod_ | wwalc: Do not show a dialog about changing formats when there is no content.
parent 3c29af97
......@@ -73,7 +73,10 @@
// with it that supports content filtering, then first ask for
// confirmation, because switching text formats might cause certain
// markup to be stripped away.
if (drupalSettings.editor.formats[newFormatID] && drupalSettings.editor.formats[newFormatID].editorSupportsContentFiltering) {
var supportContentFiltering = drupalSettings.editor.formats[newFormatID] && drupalSettings.editor.formats[newFormatID].editorSupportsContentFiltering;
// If there is no content yet, it's always safe to change the text format.
var hasContent = findFieldForFormatSelector($select).value !== '';
if (hasContent && supportContentFiltering) {
var message = Drupal.t('Changing the text format to %text_format will permanently remove content that is not allowed in that text format.<br><br>Save your changes before switching the text format to avoid losing data.', {
'%text_format': $select.find('option:selected').text()
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