Commit 2e460ac3 authored by webchick's avatar webchick

#737596 by casey: Fixed tabledrag.js: ('.indentation', testCell).get(1) is undefined.

parent 632ae14d
......@@ -73,10 +73,10 @@ Drupal.tableDrag = function (table, tableSettings) {
// manually append 2 indentations in the first draggable row, measure
// the offset, then remove.
var indent = Drupal.theme('tableDragIndentation');
// Match immediate children of the parent element to allow nesting.
var testCell = $('> tbody > tr.draggable:first td:first, > tr.draggable:first td:first', table).prepend(indent).prepend(indent);
var testRow = $('<tr/>').addClass('draggable').appendTo(table);
var testCell = $('<td/>').appendTo(testRow).prepend(indent).prepend(indent);
this.indentAmount = $('.indentation', testCell).get(1).offsetLeft - $('.indentation', testCell).get(0).offsetLeft;
$('.indentation', testCell).slice(0, 2).remove();
// Make each applicable row draggable.
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