Commit 2e25a97e authored by Steven Wittens's avatar Steven Wittens
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#102387: index.php does not redirect to install.php if PHP does not support 'mysql'.

parent 5f84319c
......@@ -53,8 +53,15 @@ function db_version() {
* (e.g. your database and web server live on different machines).
function db_connect($url) {
$url = parse_url($url);
// Check if MySQL support is present in PHP
if (!function_exists('mysql_connect')) {
// Redirect to installer if using default DB credentials
if ($url['user'] == 'username' && $url['pass'] == 'password') {
include_once 'includes/';
drupal_set_title('PHP MySQL support not enabled');
print theme('maintenance_page', '<p>We were unable to use the MySQL database because the MySQL extension for PHP is not installed. Check your <code>PHP.ini</code> to see how you can enable it.</p>
......@@ -62,8 +69,6 @@ function db_connect($url) {
$url = parse_url($url);
// Decode url-encoded information in the db connection string
$url['user'] = urldecode($url['user']);
// Test if database url has a password.
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