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#608894 by chx, catch: Resolve the conflict between the fieldable users UI and...

#608894 by chx, catch: Resolve the conflict between the fieldable users UI and the profile module by hiding Profile module on new sites.
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...@@ -3691,3 +3691,27 @@ function user_file_download_access($field, $entity_type, $entity) { ...@@ -3691,3 +3691,27 @@ function user_file_download_access($field, $entity_type, $entity) {
return user_view_access($entity); return user_view_access($entity);
} }
} }
* Implements hook_system_info_alter().
* Drupal 7 ships with two methods to add additional fields to users: Profile
* module, a legacy module dating back from 2002, and Field API integration
* with users. While Field API support for users currently provides less end
* user features, the inefficient data storage mechanism of Profile module, as
* well as its lack of consistency with the rest of the entity / field based
* systems in Drupal 7, make this a sub-optimal solution to those who were not
* using it in previous releases of Drupal.
* To prevent new Drupal 7 sites from installing Profile module, and
* unwittingly ending up with two completely different and incompatible methods
* of extending users, remove it from the available modules by setting it to
* hidden if the profile_* tables are not already present.
* @todo: Remove in D8, pending upgrade path.
function user_system_info_alter(&$info, $file, $type) {
if ($type == 'module' && $file->name == 'profile' && !db_table_exists('profile_field')) {
$info['hidden'] = TRUE;
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