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Issue #2209583 by ianthomas_uk: Remove use of...

Issue #2209583 by ianthomas_uk: Remove use of drupal_set_title()/drupal_get_title()/_system_path from page cache.
parent 49a687fa
......@@ -1769,9 +1769,6 @@ function _drupal_bootstrap_page_cache() {
if (is_object($cache)) {
$response = new Response();
$response->headers->set('X-Drupal-Cache', 'HIT');
// Restore the metadata cached with the page.
drupal_set_title($cache->data['title'], PASS_THROUGH);
drupal_serve_page_from_cache($cache, $response, $request);
......@@ -3248,9 +3248,7 @@ function drupal_page_set_cache(Response $response, Request $request) {
$cache = (object) array(
'cid' => drupal_page_cache_get_cid($request),
'data' => array(
'path' => $request->attributes->get('_system_path'),
'body' => $response->getContent(),
'title' => drupal_get_title(),
'headers' => array(),
// We need to store whether page was compressed or not,
// because by the time it is read, the configuration might change.
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