Commit 2aee69c3 authored by Dries's avatar Dries

- Patch #710640 by jhodgdon, torelad: improve documentation for file_munge_filename().

parent 552acd74
......@@ -850,11 +850,23 @@ function file_unmanaged_move($source, $destination = NULL, $replace = FILE_EXIST
* Modify a filename as needed for security purposes.
* Dangerous file names will be altered; for instance, the file name
* "exploit.php.pps" will become "exploit.php_.pps". All extensions that are
* Munging a file name prevents unknown file extensions from masking exploit
* files. When web servers such as Apache decide how to process a URL request,
* they use the file extension. If the extension is not recognized, Apache
* skips that extension and uses the previous file extension. For example, if
* the file being requested is exploit.php.pps, and Apache does not recognize
* the '.pps' extension, it treats the file as PHP and executes it. To make
* this file name safe for Apache and prevent it from executing as PHP, the
* .php extension is "munged" into .php_, making the safe file name
* exploit.php_.pps.
* Specifically, this function adds an underscore to all extensions that are
* between 2 and 5 characters in length, internal to the file name, and not
* included in $extensions will be altered by adding an underscore. If variable
* 'allow_insecure_uploads' evaluates to TRUE, no alterations will be made.
* included in $extensions.
* Function behavior is also controlled by the Drupal variable
* 'allow_insecure_uploads'. If 'allow_insecure_uploads' evaluates to TRUE, no
* alterations will be made, if it evaluates to FALSE, the filename is 'munged'.
* @param $filename
* File name to modify.
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