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Issue #2709569 by xjm, effulgentsia, dawehner: CHANGELOG.txt additions for 8.1.0

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Drupal 8.1.0, xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
Drupal 8.1.0, 2016-04-20
- Removed Composer-managed vendor from the git repository:
* packager adds dependencies to zip and tar package. This can be
......@@ -7,6 +7,43 @@ Drupal 8.1.0, xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
install to get dependencies.
* See
for instructions.
- Added vendor libraries:
* Added Symfony Polyfill Iconv 1.1.0.
* Added paragonie/random_compat 1.4.1.
- Updated vendor libraries:
* Updated to Symfony 2.8.4.
* Updated to CKEditor 4.5.8.
* Updated to Modernizr 3.3.1.
- Added modules:
* Added the Migrate Drupal UI module (experimental) to provide a UI for
migrating content and configuration from Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.
* Added the BigPipe module (experimental) to improve perceived performance.
- Improved authoring features:
* Enabled browsers' (native) spell checker in CKEditor.
* Added language toolbar button in CKEditor for identifying the language of
text parts.
- Improved site administration experience:
* Improved admin/help page to be more flexible and list tours on it.
- Improved site building features:
* Added a "Rendered entity" field handler in Views.
- Improved distribution building features:
* Added support for distributions to specify an installation language.
- Improved developer APIs:
* Added local ID and revision fields to HAL web service output.
* Added support for image toolkits to be defined with plugin derivatives,
reducing the code needed to extend them.
* Simplified Migrate API by replacing migration configuration entities with
migration plugins.
* Added support for entity types to specify translatable plural labels.
* Added a revision log interface and trait for revisionable entity types.
* Added key field definitions to ContentEntityBase, reducing code from
child classes.
* Added generic route providers for add-page and add-form entity routes,
reducing the code needed to define an entity type.
- Testing improvements:
* Added support for automated JavaScript testing.
* Added verbose output for BrowserTestBase.
* Improved reporting of PHPUnit results.
Drupal 8.0.0, 2015-11-19
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