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Issue #1957156 by Crell, rootatwc: Add a request() method to \Drupal.

parent 2e3c6842
......@@ -121,6 +121,32 @@ public static function service($id) {
return static::$container->get($id);
* Retrieves the currently active request object.
* Note: The use of this wrapper in particular is especially discourged. Most
* code should not need to access the request directly. Doing so means it
* will only function when handling an HTTP request, and will require special
* modification or wrapping when run from a command line tool, from certain
* queue processors, or from automated tests.
* If code must access the request, it is considerably better to register
* an object with the Service Container and give it a setRequest() method
* that is configured to run when the service is created. That way, the
* correct request object can always be provided by the container and the
* service can still be unit tested.
* If this method must be used, never save the request object that is
* returned. Doing so may lead to inconsistencies as the request object is
* volatile and may change at various times, such as during a subrequest.
* @return \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request
* The currently active request object.
public static function request() {
return static::$container->get('request');
* Returns the current primary database.
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