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- Patch #132018 by Steven et al: add .info files to themes.

parent 03b4b58e
; $Id$
name = Bluemarine
description = Table-based multi-column theme with a marine and ash color scheme.
; $Id$
name = Chameleon
description = Minimalist tabled theme with light colors.
regions[left] = Left sidebar
regions[right] = Right sidebar
features[] = logo
features[] = favicon
features[] = name
features[] = slogan
; $Id$
name = Marvin
description = Boxy tabled theme in all grays.
regions[left] = Left sidebar
regions[right] = Right sidebar
; $Id$
name = Garland
description = Tableless, recolorable, multi-column, fluid width theme (default).
; $Id$
name = Minnelli
description = Tableless, recolorable, multi-column, fixed width theme.
; $Id$
name = Pushbutton
description = Tabled, multi-column theme in blue and orange tones.
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