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......@@ -26,6 +26,35 @@
* form at ?q=admin/settings/image-toolkit.
* @file
* API for manipulating images.
* @defgroup image Image toolkits
* @{
* Drupal's image toolkits provide an abstraction layer for common image file
* manipulations like scaling, cropping, and rotating. The abstraction frees
* module authors from the need to support multiple image libraries, and it
* allows site administrators to choose the library that's best for them.
* PHP includes the GD library by default so a GD toolkit is installed with
* Drupal. Other toolkits like ImageMagic are available from contrib modules.
* GD works well for small images, but using it with larger files may cause PHP
* to run out of memory. In contrast the ImageMagick library does not suffer
* from this problem, but it requires the ISP to have installed additional
* software.
* Image toolkits are installed by copying the file into
* Drupal's includes directory. The toolkit must then be enabled using the
* admin/settings/image-toolkit form.
* Only one toolkit maybe selected at a time. If a module author wishes to call
* a specific toolkit they can check that it is installed by calling
* image_get_available_toolkits(), and then calling its functions directly.
* Return a list of available toolkits.
......@@ -79,7 +108,7 @@ function image_get_toolkit() {
* @param $params
* An optional array of parameters to pass to the toolkit method.
* @return
* Mixed values (typically boolean indicating successful operation).
* Mixed values (typically Boolean indicating successful operation).
function image_toolkit_invoke($method, $params = array()) {
if ($toolkit = image_get_toolkit()) {
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