Commit 22fa7f4d authored by jhodgdon's avatar jhodgdon

Issue #1247812 by Albert Volkman, jzacsh: Add docs for user_admin() function

parent 2b6e2c1a
......@@ -5,6 +5,21 @@
* Admin page callback file for the user module.
* Page callback: Generates the appropriate user administration form.
* This function generates the user registration, multiple user cancellation,
* or filtered user list admin form, depending on the argument and the POST
* form values.
* @param string $callback_arg
* (optional) Indicates which form to build. Defaults to '', which will
* trigger the user filter form. If the POST value 'op' is present, this
* function uses that value as the callback argument.
* @return string
* A renderable form array for the respective request.
function user_admin($callback_arg = '') {
$op = isset($_POST['op']) ? $_POST['op'] : $callback_arg;
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